Social Commitment


Solidarity is the tenderness of the people. Gioconda Belli

Trade is one of the basic pillars of the global economy. However, the rules of the international trade are not equitable and the situations of the countries in regard to them are also very unequal. The international commercial system is marked, increasingly, by the difference between The North and The South. In this sense, The North has the power, the competitiveness and the maximum profit, among other aspects, at the expense of The South, which is everyday more and more deprived.
La Senegalesa attempts to modify actual commercial rules betting on a more fair and caring commercial system and pursuing the development of the people and the fight against poverty.
Thus, apart from respecting the standards of fair trade, we encourage the professional development of the women of the neighbourhood of Pikine in Dakar, thanks to the established agreement with the ONGD Kassumay. It is a project in which the women of the association have designed an original accessory for our espadrilles. A colourful completely handicraft bag made with 100% natural and ecological material that perfectly fits with our shoe and that carries the DNA and the philosophy of our brand. It is a unique fair trade project that will allow us to obtain additional income and thus to improve the quality of life of their families.


“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges”. Isaac Newton.

The history of mankind is riddled with futile attempts to segregate people of different races, cultures and religions. Intercultural couples, the union between individuals belonging to different cultural, national and religious contexts, are the best example of the failure of those attempts and of the power of human love. From La Senegalesa, we are convinced that intercultural couples have an important role in the future of the societies. They are the symbol of postmodernism, a clear example of dialogue and peace among civilizations and peoples of the world, and an image of unity and universal harmony. The interculturality begins to be a natural lifestyle, not only as a union of love, but as a chance for growth and as individual or shared happiness, which looks for the enrichment of people through the knowledge of cultural plurality. It is a way of life that moves in the same direction, a better world and a future for our children and our peoples.
From La Senegalesa, we are committed to promote, especially among young people, intercultural cohabitation and social cohesion, through different projects and activities at local level.