La Senegalesa

“La Senegalesa” espadrilles are born in Murcia, fruit of love and miscegenation between two people from different cultures, continents and countries: Spain and Senegal. It is a young intercultural fusion relationship where values, traditions and customs are found and mixed. A cultural process that allows us to select those elements belonging to each cultural tradition that we want to endure, shapingour own cultural and familiar identity.

This cultural identity leads us to fuse two humble and rural products, which are really closed to the tradition and the folklore of both countries. Thus, getting inspired by Murcia’s traditional espadrilles and by the bright and lively colours presented in African daily life, the classical concept of the espadrille is reinvented; transforming this original rural footwear in a product of cheerful and unique design. It is an original, handmade and respectful with the environment footwear that continues with the essential values of “ La Huerta ” of Murcia.

Our passion for Africa, its ethnical and cultural wealth, its mysteries and ancestral rites, its naturalness and gay colours have become our source of inspiration. The clothes employed in the process of making the espadrilles are from Senegal;these are distinctive from other clothes for its variety of motifs and its cheerful colours. These clothes display happiness and enthusiasm in people who wear them or even in those who look at them.

From La Senegalesa, we offer handmade, comfortable and light footwear; elaborated with high quality materials such as jute or cotton, and with exclusive designs, giving life and colour to your feet. Moreover, our espadrilles are finished with a sole of natural rubber in order to improve thermal insulation, to provide a better control and to extend the life of our footwear.

We also respect the principles of fair trade and we allocate part of our annual income to ONGD Kassumay in order to encourage the professional development of Pikine’s women in Dakkar (Senegal). Likewise, we are committed to promote and to boost, especially among young people, intercultural and social cohabitation through different projects and activities in Murcia.

La Senegalesa Espadrilles. “A new way of walking together”