Artisans of Murcia are responsible of making our handcraft espadrilles, by using hereditary techniques and tools that have been transmitted from generation to generation. The essence of our espadrilles lies in the sewing process, performed by skilful hands. Hence, handmade elaboration of our products reflects their final quality.


All the components used in our espadrilles are 100% natural (jute, cotton and rubber). We use thread from the fibres of the plant of the jute. The fibre of the jute and the cotton are biodegradable and recyclable and, therefore, respectful with the environment. The rubber that forms the sole comes from the natural rubber of the vegetable fibre that is later vulcanized to the jute.This way, it is avoided the use of glues and other substances that are harmful for the health. The Senegalese clothes used are 100% natural cotton.


Apart from using raw biodegradable materials, we follow a respectful with the environment production process in our whole process of fabrication, rejecting the use of chemical substances and oil derivatives and promoting such traditional techniques as handmade spinning, textile mill and manufacturing. Our packagings are also natural because they are made of recycled and biodegradable cardboard. Moreover, our delivery service by bike contributes to a safer and unpolluted Murcia.


We bet on a caring and alternative to conventional commercial system that contributes to change the unfair rules of the international market that establish the worldwide poverty and inequality. We commitourselvesto improving producers’ life conditions, by paying a fair price and by providing continuity in commercial relations. In exchange, they pledge to guarantee favourable working conditions for all their employees, to promote genre equity and the absence of children in working areas as well as to allocate part of their earnings to the basic needs of their communities.