The manufacturingof the sole

The sole of the espadrille is composed from the string of the jute previously plaited by using the traditional technique, adjusting its size with the aid of a metallic mould. Subsequently, pressure is applied in order to give the sole its final shape and it is sewed with the help of a punch.

The vulcanized sole

Once the sole is manufactured, a natural rubber layer is melted at high temperatures in the outside surface of the jute. This process,which is called vulcanization, favours the cohesion between the fibres of jute, it improves the insulation of the sole and it provides a better adhesion and this means that the shoe lasts longer.

The Cloth

After selecting the cloths, we cut them by means of dies or moulds in order to form two individual pieces: the toe and the heel. Afterwards, both pieces are joined and the hem is made. Once we have the lining, it is sewed to the sole of the espadrille.

The needlework

The handmade needlework is the soul of our espadrilles. Luckily, our espadrilles keep on resisting to industrial invasion and we are pleased to reactivate this ancient trade and to generate employment in the artisan sector.